1.How to download ?

To download the file you need to fill out a survey/offer. Most of them require you to give your personal information ( or use someones else, but it must be legit ), buy some product, register on some website by giving your Credit card info or to give your phone number( iPhone 5 contests for example). When you finish a survey/offer wait a few minutes until the file unlocks. A survey/offer will cost you few $, and yes, we get some cash from the surveys you complete. This is the way you pay us for the myfreecams token generator.

We can not do that through paypal or any other service this type, because we would have to give our personal information and then it would be easy to track us. We want to stay anonymous, because programs like that are illegal. So if you want to download the software you have to fill out a survey. Think for a moment, you spend $15 on a survey and in next 10minutes you can have tokens worth $300 on your account. That’s a fair deal, right ?

2.Why you sell this program instead makng money for yourself?

It looks less suspicious when accounts from all over the world are generating 100-200tokens daily than a few generating tons of tokens daily. Adding too much tokens at once can be dangerous and you can be banned on myfreecams.com so use this software wise. It is just more profitable and safe for us to sell it.


2.How use your tools?

Read file: “How use.txt”. Follow on instruction:


3.I’m having problem with survey!

If you can not fill the survey try again after 30minutes or an hour. If it does not help write a comment in this section and we will answer you as soon as possible.


4.I’m having other problem or suggestion.

Please contact us – CONTACT